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"I think the most joyful thing is to pay attention:
to have been there then, to be here now."

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Namal Wanthrige writes:

"This is the first poem I have written in 12 years - I always held back, because I believed that the end result was all important -- in my new found maturity I know that the process, and being aware of it is far more important."

Lost Things

Memories of that potency
Well, overflow.
Which is now more powerful?
The memory or the potency;
I only see myself move, reflected -
He, the static constant.
Made so by me.
So much easier that, to live with,
Easier if he was a locked door without
Instead of a welcoming curtained
doorway, moving;
Revealing, with the breeze my possible tomorrow.
The agony of that love, now, is
But the pain of the lost possibilty
drips out of me
Stains me.
I am stained by the knowledge
that I didn't walk through
that opening.
That I never felt the caress of
that soft curtain,
that I didn't even see the damn thing -
So busy was I, looking at myself.
Marking myself
With the whip of
Self - loathing.
Namal Wanthrige
submitted 24 May 2005

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