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"Because of how I was brought up, I go along with it for a while when somebody tells me about a rule, but eventually I always end up asking myself:
Why does it have to be this way?"

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thank you, Carolyn

in May i got an email from a woman in New York who'd seen Hunger, the poem i wrote for Viggo when his way of being & creating first began to steal into my eyes & heart, making me want "to show to share to celebrate" the wild red visions that nourished me in secret * she said that she also wanted to say thank you, Viggo "just to have it said a prayer aloft" * she'd been searching the web to see if anybody had done that & that's how she found my poem *

since posting it (on my own site) i had always thought that the poem, its hunger, deserved to be fed, deserved to be shared more fully, developed more carefully * i probably visited its page more than any other website visitor & it made me want to place it at the heart of an exhibit of pieces showing that Viggo's light (enlightening) touch of inspiration had not faded from my freely creative hands & constantly awakening eyes * receiving Carolyn's email, proof that i am not the only one who sees what i think is the true beauty behind the heart-full blue eyes of Hollywood's latest crush, provided the last spark of inspiration for the creation of *

you thank too?

now i want to extend an invitation to others who wish to express their gratitude for the inspiration they have received from the tireless creativity by which Viggo Mortensen seems to live * like Queremos tanto a Julio, the book i mentioned on the homer, i would like to put together a collection of thanks for Viggo, whom we all love so much * if you have a poem or a letter or a piece that defies classification that you would like to submit, please send it in * if you would like to share a photograph or an image of a piece of your art, please tell me about it * if you can post it online please send a link, otherwise i will respond with further instructions *

understand this

first, i have no connection to Viggo Mortensen (except the blurry vanishing kind, of which he knows nothing & probably never will) * comes from my own head (heart & a dash of warm yellow soul), for my own pleasure & the desire to give back to a man who has given me much without knowing me (whether he knows of the gift or not) * any mistakes, misquotes or misunderstandings are mine (& if you catch any, please let me know) * i fully understand that it is almost certain (never say never) that Viggo never will know me & yet that does not make me cherish the friendship any less * i hope, for your sake, that you feel the same way & i highly recommend Perceval Press if you want more of his highly personal, endlessly generous influence * indeed, if this site becomes a collection like that small pink book i love so much, i hope to take it to Pilar & see if she'll publish it -- but that's a dream & not the purpose of this site *

second, there is a quote that i saw recently in many obituaries for Roger W. Straus, Jr., a publisher of independent mind & literary taste, that (though i am certainly not his equal!) describes my feeling as editor of this site: "Many people have accused me of being an elitist. I'm guilty. I am an elitist. I like good books." * although i heartily invite you to share your suggestions, photos, poems, or thanks in whatever form with me i do not promise to post each & every one of them here * as i said, i do this site for my own pleasure & as such it must take a back seat to my paying work * more important (as i adore "wasting" time in this way) i reserve my right to be choosy about what i post in the way of art & stories * 'nuff said? then share!

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